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愛達迅教育基金會為本地註冊慈善團體 (編號 91/9502), 捐款港幣100元或以上可憑收據在香港申請免稅。
Aide et Action Education Foundation is a Hong Kong registered Charity (No. 91/9502. Donations of HK$100 or above are tax deductible in Hong Kong.
個人資料 (私隱) 條例:您所提供的資料將保密處理,只會由愛達迅教育基金會及受其委託的服務提供者用作捐款處理、寄發收據及有關捐款通訊用途。為了與您緊密聯繫,愛達迅教育基金會將會透過您提供的聯絡方法(包括姓名、電話、電郵及郵寄地址),為您提供通訊。
Data Protection of the Personal Data Ordinance: The above information is confidential and will be used by AEA HK and its authorized service providers for issuing receipts and fundraising purposes only. AEA HK will send news and updates to you by the information you provided (including names, phone number, email and postal address).
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Established in France in 1981, Aide et Action International (AEAI) is a charitable organization that works towards making education accessible to all. Aide et Action(Hong Kong) is registered as "Aide et Action Education Foundation" and is a charitable organization under section 88 of the inland revenue ordinance, no. 91/9502.

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