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"In some countries affected by conflict,
less than 5% of children have access to pre-primary school. "


In other words, millions of young children begin life without the necessary skills to survive.

Little do they know that early childhood education is vital to a child’s development.


Our Work: To uphold children’s right to education


Over recent years, armed conflicts by extreme religious groups in northern parts of Mali has escalated, which made the already dire situation even more complicated for the people in Mali. Many children are forced to give up their education as they follow their families to flee to safety. To add to this issue, structural poverty in Mali inhibits children from these families from continuing or completing their education despite the emphasis this country has placed on early childhood education.  In 2015, pre-primary enrollment rate in Mali was only less than 4%.


Aide et Action International launched a pilot project called “Improve the management of early childhood care in a family environment” in 2013. This project aims to improve the conditions of education, health, food and protection for children between 3 and 6 years; promote a system of sustainable early childhood care. This pilot project successfully attracted attention to the importance of early childhood care and proved its effectiveness.


Project focus:

- Engage familievs in early childhood development needs

- To make parents aware of the importance of their role in the pre-school and school supervision

- Set up a childcare quality supervision model at lower cost



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"If all girls had access to secondary education, 1.8 million young lives could be saved."



That's because educated mothers have better knowledge about healthcare, nutrition and family planning.

Little do they know that their education would help reduce their infants’ mortality rate.


Our work: Girls' Education


In India, statistics reveal that only 3 out of 10 girls graduate from primary education. Even though enrolment rates have increased in past few years, the dropout rates were alarmingly high too! There are many obstacles preventing women and girls from fully exercising their right to participate in, complete and benefit from education, for instance, early marriage, pregnancy, gender-based violence, traditional attitudes about the status and role of women, poverty, geographical isolation and minority status. Socio-economic and cultural barriers play a key role in prohibiting young girls in India from obtaining a quality education. Education not only provides these girls with knowledge, it gives them power, awareness and control over their own lives, enabling them to live a life of their choice.


Aide et Action International began its interventions in India in 1981. Today, Aide et Action International is working across 21 states in India. Our project ENLIGHT is an embodiment of our commitment towards the education and empowerment of women and young grls. The project engaged with 1,622 girls and more than 5,000 women across 8 cities in India. Service target includes girls with disability, young sex workers, girls from ethnic groups; street children, girls infected/affected by HIV/AIDS, etc.


Project focus:

- Access & quality Education

- Education Governance

- Cognitive Development

- Better Health, Hygiene, Environment Protection & Restoration



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"171 million people could escape poverty
if they had basic reading skills."



Yet, million of children still struggle to read basic words despite being in school.

Little do they know that an education of quality can help reduce poverty.


Our work: Quality Education & Reading Promotion


Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Thousands of children who live on the streets are left to their own devices without any supervision or aid from adults. The lack of opportunity to receive education creates a cycle of poverty. Children and young people are often vulnerable and marginalized.


Since 2003, Aide et Action International started its intervention in Cambodia. There are 8 on-going projects which aim to improve the quality of education in different aspects. One of the key projects is the “Mobile Library". The goal is to provide easier access to reading materials for those in remote areas to improve the quality of education they receive.


Project focus:

To deliver picture books and educational toys to remote villages by tuk-tuk.

To minimize costs, the driver will act as a tutor and storyteller to read to children who themselves may not be able to read.



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"A child whose mother can read
is 50% more likely to survive beyond their 5th birthday."


Last year, 5.6 million children did not make it past that age.

Little did their mothers know, literacy could have prevented half of those deaths.

Our work: Women Education


In the northern-west part of China, many women and children are left behind during the waves of rural exodus. These mothers and grandparents are often limited by their knowledge in caregiving and low level of education, which directly affect their young children’s survival and development. Based on our field research in remote district of Sichuan, over 80% of the children studied failed to meet the early development indicators.


Aide et Action International launched a pilot project “Rural Mother Instructors” in 2016 with an emphasis on “Train the Trainer”. We train passionate local mothers to become qualified and professional trainers in Literacy and Early Childhood Care, in order to provide a sustainable solution to cope with the lack of professional teachers in rural villages.


Project focus:

- Literacy training, healthcare education, and supervision of Mother Instructors

- Conduct thematic activities in the community-based children centres

- Organize parent workshops

Home-visits to families in remote locations



Established in France in 1981, Aide et Action International (AEAI) is a charitable organization that works towards making education accessible to all. Aide et Action(Hong Kong) is registered as "Aide et Action Education Foundation" and is a charitable organization under section 88 of the inland revenue ordinance, no. 91/9502.

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